Anti-migration flange head with partially covered design.

- The bare part : 3cm

- The covered part : Up to the total stent length

Indications for use (Intended use)

The Partially Covered Biliary Stent is used for application in palliative treatment of bile duct stricture caused by malignant tumors.

Product Overview

Radiopaque Market

  • Flange head prevents migration into the hepatlc duct
  • Covered prevents the bile leakage from hepatlc duct
  • Uncovered prevents migration In hepatlc duct and avolds blocking the side branches
  • - Radiopaque markers provide clear view on fluoroscope
  • - Lasso for easy repositioning and removal



Endoscopic Application

*Increment of 10mm
Stent(mm), Delivery Device
Stent(mm) Delivery Device
Diameter Usable Length* Total Length Length(mm) Diameter(mm/fr)
BPD10060-E180 10-20    54 60 1800 2.83/8.5
BPD10080-E180 74 80 1800 2.83/8.5
BPD10100-E180 94 100 1800 2.83/8.5

※Sizing and availability varies by country

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